Best Books for Small Business Owners

Own a small business?

Checkout the following and books to accelerate your business with advice from the experts. It’s a short list thet we’ll add to over time.


by Michael Gerber

This book is an absolute must-have for any small business owner. It will shift your entire mindset on how you view your business. Too many small business owners suffer because they try to do everything themselves without any type of system or process. Having the right systems is the difference between owning a struggling burger joint and growing a fast food franchise into a giant called McDonald’s. For any business owner it means getting more out of your business and life by adopting a different mindset and then taking action on systematizing. The author of the book coined the term “working on your business vs. working in your business.”

The 4-Hour Workweek

by Tim Ferriss

This book created a revolution around the world. It’s the story of how one entrepreneur (Tim Ferriss) went from slaving over his business working 12 hour days to automating his business enough that he could travel the world for weeks at a time and only check-in a few hours a week. Some people dismiss the book or criticize it because of the title and that’s a shame. The advice in the book is rock-solid and enlightening for any business owner. Not every business can turn into a 4HWW business and you can’t expect to start or grow a new business with a meager effort. It’s not about that – it’s about using technology and tools to help your scale a business and work smarter.

The Millionaire Fastlane

by MJ Demarco

Get past the title. It’s not a get-rich quick scheme. It’s more like a framework to grow wealthy over time intelligently. In fact, the author disputes the idea that you need to toil away for 30 years to become wealthy. Instead, you need to choose the right vehicle and the right road – the fastlane. Once you do that, you’ll need to put real effort in to grow your business while avoiding stupid decisions. He explains it all in the book. There is a section on how to pick the business that has the greatest velocity because it provides the most leverage. This is something they don’t teach at business school. He goes on to talk about all the wrong lanes to wealth. Things like spending more than you earn and wasting money to appear rich. It’s another eye-opening book that any business owner can learn from.

Think and Grow Rich

by Napolean Hill

Often cited by successful entrepreneurs as one of their favorites, this classic book is said to have created more millionaires than any other book. Have you heard how it all started? It’s quite interesting. In the early 1900s a young writer named Napoleon Hill was challenged by the richest man in the world (Andrew Carnegie) to create a book that embodied his philosophy of success. Hill wrote this book and Carnegie introduced him to the great industrialists, writers, and thinkers (including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison) who helped shape the philosophies in the book. Think and Grow Rich is a classic with lessons that make sense as much today as they did in 1937.

Straight Line Leadership

by Dusan Djukich

Even good books have filler you need to sift through to mine the gold. This whole book is gold. The author is a world-class business and performance coach. He lays out the type of people
You will learn the three distinct leadership types:

  • Circular people – Prone to endless wheel spinning by going around in circles.
  • Zigzag people – Occasional successes the hard way.
  • Straight Line Leaders – People that effectively go from A to B rapidly.

A straight-line leader is action oriented and able to cut through the mental noise that limits success. The book is not just about business leadership. It is a practical guide to getting things done. As the introduction says, “regardless if you are a CEO, small business owner, parent, or someone who simply wants to make a difference, you will learn to master powerful distinctions that you can apply immediately to resolve the challenges that you are presently up against.”


by Price Pritchett

The author coaches executives on achieving quantum leaps in performance and this book is like taking a seminar on how to maximize your personal effectiveness. “Promotes an unconventional, quantum leap strategy for achieving breakthrough performance. This powerful new method replaces the concept of attaining gradual, incremental success through massive effort. Instead, it puts forth 18 key components for building massive success while expending less effort. Your staff learns to multiply their personal effectiveness, leverage their gifts, and leap beyond ordinary performance expectations.” The leader of the Champions Club mastermind group consistently recommended You2 as a must-read. Check these books out and you will not be disappointed. Your eyes will open to new concepts, strategies, and tools that can enrich your business and life.

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