Jay Rice on travel and entrepreneurship

Jay Rice talks adventure travel, entrepreneurship and Thinking Chat.

Most people dream of exotic vacations in faraway places.
Entrepreneurs seem to be especially bitten by the travel bug.
Maybe it is that sense of total freedom or the stimulation of being in a new place or immersed in a new culture. Maybe it is just an expression of the inner explorer that all entrepreneurs seem to have in abundance. Whatever it is ? it?s contagious!

The media enjoys learning what makes entrepreneurs tick and in one interview they spoke to Jay Rice on travel and entrepreneurship.

When he is not working with customers, creating marketing campaigns or designing the intelligence behind Thinking Chat our CEO spends time raising a family. But, one of his personal passions is adventure travel. As his businesses have grown and expanded he?s been able to visit some remote locations others have only dreamed about. Not only that, he?s had some weird and sometimes hair raising adventures and encounters with wildlife.

In his own words, ?I?ve been fortunate to visit some unique places and I really enjoy that feeling of landing in a new place or going off on an adventure,? said Jay Rice, Founder & CEO of Thinking Chat. Jay also added, ?at Thinking Chat I?m in the position of helping other entrepreneurs free up their time because our technology works for them while they are sleeping or on vacation. Even if it is in a small way by providing a valuable service at Thinking Chat I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to realize their dreams.?

Here is the link to a recent interview of our CEO (Jay Rice) on Sweet Startups http://www.sweetstartups.com/

Jay Rice (at front of raft) tastes some water coming off a big waterfall in Africa.


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