Weak Leads?

“Oh, have I got your attention now?”

Anyone who has spent any time in business must get a kick out of Alec Baldwin?s great, swinging-big-one motivational speech in Glengarry Glen Ross, when he browbeats and threatens all the faltering real estate salesmen in the world?s saddest office.

(And if for some reason you haven?t seen Glengarry Glen Ross, you might need to take a couple of days off to watch it, Wall StreetBoiler RoomMargin Call, and Used Cars to complete your business cinema education!)

Baldwin?s tirade is full of catchy acronyms like A-B-C (Always Be Closing) and A-I-D-A (Attention-Interest-Decision-Action), but what the scene is essentially about is the perennial problem of turning leads into sales, and behind that, of getting good leads in the first place.

Jack Lemmon

?The leads are weak!? Jack Lemmon complains to Baldwin, but although Baldwin is quick to cut him down with the riposte ?You?re weak,? the fact is, that some leads are weak, and not having enough leads is definitely weak.

We?ve moved on from the pre-Internet world of that 1992 film; nowadays, the salespeople would be working off online leads. But the amount and quality of those leads still matters, and many websites, even well-trafficked ones, don?t pull their weight in that department. Something is missing.

If traffic is missing, you fix that first, or get help to fix it.

But what if the inbound lead flow still isn?t happening after you?ve got the online traffic? You?re getting the attention, and maybe the interest, but the decision and the action aren?t following. Your salespeople could close many of those prospects if they knew about them, but how do they follow up without sufficient information?

You?ve got to make it easy for the prospects to give the information, and a lot of the standard methods like ?Contact Us? pages don?t cut it. ?A guy don?t walk on the lot lest he wants to buy,? Baldwin barks, and he?s right about that, but a website is a funny kind of lot. You can?t see who?s checking it out at 3 in the morning unless they make themselves visible.

If there was a tool that could drastically improve the likelihood of prospects interacting with the site and giving your salespeople the contact information they need to follow up, ?to you, that?s gold? (paraphrasing Baldwin again).

?The good news is? that there is such a tool, and we?ve got a case study that shows how it increased inbound leads 8x at one distinguished and specialized 50-year-old company, resulting in a substantial increase in overall sales and an impressive $74,000 deal (this case study will be particularly interesting for any company that sells B2B, collects leads on its website for follow-up and wants to increase leads by a factor of 8 with 1 simple tool).

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