GKIC InfoSummit

A top marketing event is coming up next month and it?s called the GKIC InfoSummit. This annual marketing seminar caters to both experienced and beginning marketers.

The event focuses on the marketing of information so it is ideal for any business owner or marketer that sells a course or provides packaged training or consulting.  Really ANY business owner or marketer will benefit from attending this event. Not only will you learn directly from top marketing experts ? you will also gain exposure to marketing tools, strategies and ideas that are on the cutting edge.

In case you have not heard about GKIC, the Insider?s Circle or Dan Kennedy you definitely will want to check it out. Dan Kennedy is a legend in marketing circles. He?s a prolific author, high-paid copywriter, and brilliant marketer. Many online marketers, speakers, and entrepreneurs can trace their knowledge back to Dan. He?s a unique guy. A self-made millionaire they call him the ?millionaire maker?. His no-nonsense ?no BS? business books, newsletters and events have made him world-famous and his wisdom is a must for any business professional.

Below is a picture of our CEO with Dan Kennedy.

We look forward to attending the event this year!

For more information see https://gkic.com/infosummit/

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