3 Lead Sources for Infusionsoft

You know Infusionsoft as the premier marketing automation and email marketing software, yes?
I have to admit that it takes a while to get setup and a while to learn how to use it (I started in 2010)..but once you get leads into Infusionsoft there really is no limit to how you can market to those leads.

Infusionsoft is a beautiful tool that leverages automation to grow your business and that?s why so many top marketers like Daymond John, Frank Kern, Perry Marshall and many more ? all Love Infusionsoft.

But ? Here is what many people struggle with ? how do I get the leads in!?
Well, I?m going to share with you 3 major ways:
(if you can think of any more ? let me know!)

  1. Traffic
  2. Lead Magnet
  3. Lead Capture

1. Traffic
You have to have a way to bring visitors to your website. Without traffic to your site in the form of web visitors you can?t capture leads. Period. After much time and effort, I?ve found some great ways to generate traffic.

2. Lead Magnet / Offer
In order to compel your web visitors to take an action you have to have some compelling offer that gets them to call your company or provide their email address. For the sake of getting them into Infusionsoft ? we?ll focus on the latter. A lead magnet can be a special report, info-graphic, datasheet and more. I?ve found an interesting little tool that helps create lead magnets.

3. Lead Capture Tool
Most companies use some type of opt-in form that captures an email address and contact information. It?s often tied to the lead magnet. This is the typical way into Infusionsoft and it works well. Here?s the problem though ? despite how much time and money you spend getting the traffic and creating the lead magnet ? the statistics by ecommerce quarterly and others clearly show that if you get 100 visitors to your website only 1-5 on average will fill in your contact form. That means 95+ out of 100 of your web visitors Leave Your Website.

How do you improve those dismal odds quickly, easily and without much cost or hassle?
The fastest and easiest way I?ve found to convert your traffic into leads and get your leads into Infusionsoft ? is to install a Thinking Chat automated agent on your website. After using Infusionsoft for many years and having marketed and sold over $20million USD worth of high-end equipment B2B I needed something to capture more leads and that?s why I created Thinking Chat and connected it to Infusionsoft.

You may be wondering why you should spend time on Thinking Chat with so much happening in your business?
Once you setup Thinking Chat it runs automatically and captures your leads while you do everything else. That means you have more leads in your funnel and more leads to convert to customers and revenue.

If you are wondering whether you need Infusionsoft or technical skills to set up Thinking Chat and use it the answer is no you don?t, if you can cut and paste from a word doc you are good to go.

What?s the catch?
The only catch ? is that you need to be committed to wanting more leads from your website. If you have any traffic on your site the rest is easy. You just need to suspend your disbelief and commit to this one thing for your business ? setting up Thinking Chat Quick Capture on your website.


PS: want to learn more? Go to our contact page, enter name+email and let us know what questions you have about setting up Thinking Chat Quick Capture on your site.